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[UdSSR] Clan Community INFO / Recruiting

[UdSSR] Clan Community INFO / Recruiting

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6:57pm Oct 23rd 18

Good day and hello friendly community, of cod2.

We of the [UDSSR] Clan are well known for our well-running Call of Duty 2 servers, which we have been offering for free for years. We have always tried to make the right decisions.

In summary, We have been providing you very well visited servers for years, with a great community, many admins and an internet forum.

We are a friendly community that plays wars , and are active on daily basis / we are Recruiting Admins & Clan Members.

Thank you so much for your attention and your support, we appreciate this and will surely show our appreciation!

Here is a list of all our servers:
Call of Duty 2:

  • [UdSSR] TDM TJ PAM [CRACKED] Server#1 | www.blizo.de
  • [UdSSR] S&D PAM [CRACKED] Server#2 | www.blizo.de
  • [UdSSR] DM TJ PAM [CRACKED] Server#3 | www.blizo.de
  • [UdSSR] FUN PAM [CRACKED] Server#4 | www.blizo.de
  • [UdSSR] RIFLE PAM [CRACKED] Server#5 | www.blizo.de

Call of Duty 4:

  • [UdSSR] DM | blizo.de

Forum Website / Homepage:

Teamspeak 3: