RWB ban ? whats that?

RWB ban ? whats that?

RWB ban ? whats that? - Page: 2

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8:46am Nov 21st 13

It means that you think you getting away with something but your not BAM

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Like you..

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Dude, this thread is 1 year old.


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2:01am Sep 25th 18 and edited 2:12am Sep 25th 18

Retards Wanna Be banning without reasons. Cool. Hijos de puta, si baneais sin razon a la poca gente que juega CoD2, os vais a ir a la mierda rapido. putos anormales, al menos explicar que mierda es ese baneo. Y por mi, os puede atropellar un tren a todos, "ADMINS de CG" putos loosers. os podeis meter CG por el puto culo, retrasados, pero a mi no me tachais de cheater, hijos de la grandisima puta que os pario.

See my GUID on GGC, see my GUID on PBBans, see my GUID on GameViolations... FAKING RETARD ADMINS!!!