Ex-CoD4 Player LFT

Ex-CoD4 Player LFT

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2:34am May 1st 18

Hey folks,

Been off playing CS:GO lately, but this does actually look interesting and gives the ET/CoD4 feel, so might give it a shot.

Some experience:
HIGHJ!NX (bryn, Cas, Eddy, Domz, TnyYye)
Quite a few other teams, don't remember

Insomnia 44 (4th)
IDentity LAN (5th)
Dublin Esports Event (7th/8th)
SAGE LAN (Groups)
NODLAN (1st)

Hit me up on steam @ https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198042295679/


mau :>

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10:48am May 1st 18

Oh hi Tony, welcome back!


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8:43pm May 1st 18

game is dead