TOMORROWLAN #2 - more than jus...

TOMORROWLAN #2 - more than just a game

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11:52am Apr 12th 18

At this point i dont think he is planning on giving any money back

Quote from ravezoR on the 12th of April 2018

act like portuguese style. dolbydarealgang$sta


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3:11pm Apr 12th 18

5:43pm Apr 12th 18

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7:47pm Apr 12th 18

Hello everyone,
Every paid team will have their money in 48 hours. Pm me for specific details


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12:14pm Apr 13th 18



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1:00pm Apr 13th 18

earth is flat by the way


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5:12pm Apr 15th 18

Hello, everything is going by a plan.
We were researching the best options for transfering big amount of money, so we find a best option. Tomorrow we will transfer money via transferwise. Its defintely cheapet way. With paypal directly from croatian value and account. We will lose around 11% of money just on converting from HRK to USD and then to EUR. Its paypals regular process. And then 4% sending you to 250e each. And via transfer wise we will lose maybe 1 or max 2% . So everybody will get around 240e at least. But it takes 1 max 2 more days. Since sunday is non working day, everything starts tomorrow. So be patient few more days and you will get your money. I already got it. Thanka


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10:03pm Apr 15th 18



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12:19pm Apr 18th 18

guys please send me in private all details and your iban because if we want to do it via paypal, we need to wait like 5-6 days to confirm my credit card. And from my bank account in germany you will have money like in 24 hours.


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1:55pm Apr 18th 18

Quote from masta on the 12th of April 2018

hahahhahahaah made my day LUL xD


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10:45pm Apr 18th 18

So I will send tomorrow money to everyone, and I will send you bank confirmation of transaction. Onl what you need is to pm me when u recieve it, and amount which you recievwd if bank tool any costs. Thanks guys and apologises again


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1:06pm Apr 19th 18



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3:47pm Apr 19th 18

Okay dOlby, when is a next lan?


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3:54pm Apr 19th 18

Okay dOlby, when is a next lan?

Quote from KHILLIXUR on the 19th of April 2018

I doubt there will be enough animo to actually launch another CoD2 lan. Even thought of organize one myself.


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6:24pm Apr 19th 18

Money is refunded to all playerw who paid for. Lock this thread on request please , this disguisting comments from retarded kids everywhere.

Best regards