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What the zaRAZA!? 3 (WTZ 3)

What the zaRAZA!? 3 (WTZ 3)

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2:24pm Mar 1st 18

The project was started in the distant 2013. However, due to the circumstances, it was frozen. I think it's time to publish this video, not counting the fact that 1/3 of the pieces were made in this project.
Strictly do not judge. Wait for a new project - RusCoD

Video about the famous Russian player - Vitaly "zaRAZA" Burma.
He played for the top teams of the country: RAANAARA, killpretty, Black&White, Need2Lead. Prizewinner of several LAN tournaments. One of the best players in his country and will forever be a Russian legend.

First I suggest you watch these movies:

1. Kill Pretty -
2. Kill Pretty 2 -
3. What the zaRAZA!? (WTZ) -
4. What the zaRAZA!? 2 (WTZ 2) -
5. Kill Pretty 3 -

What the zaRAZA!? 3 (WTZ 3) -

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6:21pm Mar 3rd 18

norm, davno ne smotrel cod2


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1:46am Mar 4th 18

sick movie/movies