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7:32pm Feb 24th 18

- 19 years old
- form Slovenia
- speak pretty much fluent english
- have 4k hours in csgo across multiple accounts (main account)
- have played on multiple teams over the years on most of which i took on the role of igl but I would prefer not to be igl here
- have competed in some local lans and won a few of them in quake 3 and csgo
- most recent achievement would be last summer where we won a couple hundred £ in the csgo gfinity league where I participated as part of a mix
- have played a few hundred hours in cod2/4 but only on random rifle only and promod servers for fun
- can play any role but prefer smg over the others (smg>stg/m1>scope/kar98>others)
- currently attending university so i have time to play almost every day

I would like to join a team who shares my ambition of becoming the best at this game and are motivated to put in the hours that are required for that. If you're interested you can message me here or on steam.