TOMORROWLAN #2 - more than jus...

TOMORROWLAN #2 - more than just a game

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Thread started by dOLBY on Sunday, 6:49pm November 26th with 240 replies. Views: 45,574


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11:47pm Feb 7th 18

I removed my profile picture i did not blockef you. You should send message before talking shit.LAN is cancelled money will be refunded as soon as possible. Admins, lock my threat pls


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12:44am Feb 8th 18

Will lock the threat after teams have been refunded.

Too bad it didn't work out though, guess B44 hammered the last nail in the CoD2's coffin..


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12:58am Feb 8th 18

what a glorious closing.


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10:03am Feb 8th 18

yeah, b44 coming out made a lan now impossible

perhaps later, if ppl get tired of b44


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8:53pm Feb 10th 18

koje smece glupo debelo


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8:58pm Feb 10th 18

neznam kaj serete po covjeku , on se jedini trudi da se napravi neki veci lan ... a kad nesto iskrsne odma shittalk


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3:54pm Feb 13th 18

when will we get the refund?


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4:40pm Feb 13th 18

still no refund on my account either, first contacted dolby on the 25th of January for a refund...


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9:24pm Feb 17th 18

Still no refund,,,,


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9:25pm Feb 17th 18



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1:55am Feb 18th 18

He said as soon as possible..he is a good person u ll get everything back just be patient


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3:09pm Feb 18th 18

Don't see your name in the paid list? You also paid?


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12:11am Feb 19th 18

He said as soon as possible..he is a good person u ll get everything back just be patient

Quote from prgOo on the 18th of February 2018
This doesnt matter. It's easy to say from Croatia. The LAN was cancelled so he should refund the money asap. This is not asap, it's now 19-02-2018! Holy fuck, wake up pls


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11:35am Feb 19th 18



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12:50pm Feb 19th 18