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[Moviecontest CoD4] by a Legend for Legends (13.12.2017 - 31.01.2018) Prizepool 500 €

[Moviecontest CoD4] by a Legend for Legends (13.12.2017 - 31.01.2018) Prizepool 500 €

Thread started by marvone on Wednesday, 1:46pm December 13th with 10 replies. Views: 1,703


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1:46pm Dec 13th 17

Hello Boys i Belive everyone Know my Name a lot of you know me as a good guy and a lot know me as an asshole.

I like to excuse me for everything in the past i was a young guy with dreams in that game like you all but Cod4 was more as just a game we where all a great Family. in the Top 20 cga / cgm / cgi Times i remember you all
H2k: replan, synde janzwe allmost
imGaming with Blackout chrizz and co
CGF: Neither blade cDe

i never forgott you all eSuba, Germons, WilD, eNigma, airborn, pmp, decerto, AT, Avenue, ECV,k1ck, imex, LLL,phantasmagoria, Reason, Redbyte remember all of you boys and i never had a Chance to say goodbye an to thank you all for the wonderfull Time to this game a lot of you guys think that i was a cheater but everyone of you guys know that i was to bad on lans for cheating and to bad on cg to be a cheater to...

Thats the Reason why i am here:

I have a lot of demos vs H2K esuba championship lan demos against the top teams lot of 4 mans tripple kills its a movie from a Pro player vs Pro Players pictures and stuff i gave you all that links with commentator voices i like a movie that no one will forgett me so i do a contest with cool sponsored prizes.

1st 150 € + Steelseries Sensei
2nd 100€+ Steelseries Sibiria
3rd 50€ + Steelseries Sensei

Movie: Lenght 4minutes or More

Message me the Link of your finished Movie and i like post them on my Fb-Page and the best 3 will get the Prices ther will be a voting :)

Start Date 13.12.2017
End Date 31.01.2018

Download Links:

Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:

Lan demos + Pictures:

I don t like that everyone forgive me for that what i did all i like to say still is sorry to this wonderfull community and like to thank all my friends in the community :)

Your hunTy0

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2:24pm Dec 13th 17 and edited 8:19pm Dec 14th 17

u never was even top 100 CGa ... 40 % win rate ESL VERSUS , thats your lvl.

gl anyways..


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2:31pm Dec 13th 17 and edited 2:41pm Dec 13th 17

u never was even top 100 CGa ... 40 % win rate ESL VERSUS , thats your lvl.

Quote from MiXeR on the 13th of December 2017

I bet same MANIAQUE was better than you


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3:13pm Dec 13th 17





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5:07pm Dec 13th 17

the king is back


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6:06pm Dec 13th 17


blbb :>

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6:26am Dec 14th 17

hunTyo in 2017 LUL
oh wait..


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10:08am Dec 14th 17

Clan Poland: cgi / cgm

eSuba: cgi

imGaming: cgm

H2K: cgi

k1ck : cgm

CGF: cgm / cgi

rising: cgm

you can tell me all but i was not bad ... i was a decent player nothing more nothing less had my good games but had also bad games like everyone.

Like i said i am not here to be the friend of you all i like to say sorry to everyone i am a other person right now and i still love this community and like i said i am doing a movie contest and hope that a lot of ppl will attend it to make me some movies that i will not getting forgett in this great community.


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10:11am Dec 14th 17

vs esuba on kaosTv



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12:53pm Dec 14th 17

If you were "a" other person you'd stop bribing the community for some attention.
Whatever, good luck with this shitfest.


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4:38pm Feb 2nd 18

Nice idea, lets hope for some sick movies