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Saevus | Call of Duty 2 Fragmovie by Sk1lzZ

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Thread started by Sk1lzZ on Saturday, 8:00pm October 14th with 30 replies. Views: 3,625


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10:59am Oct 15th 17

Well done


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11:56am Oct 15th 17

Thank you, guys. Download link added.


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12:05pm Oct 15th 17

I remember that shot at the statue, you werent even facing me, grrrrr!


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5:45pm Oct 15th 17

nice nice


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6:15pm Oct 15th 17

Good job, keep moving


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6:15pm Oct 15th 17

well job, nice ;))


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4:32am Oct 16th 17 and edited 6:04am Oct 16th 17

watched for 10 seconds can't anymore because what has been seen cannot be unseen and i think i'll have erection problems for the rest of my life if i continue to watch it. won't be able to put it up anymore just gonna be soft for the rest of my life, overedited too much effects for no reason, would fap if i was 9 again when i found that cool fukin would put THIS SONG over this fragz i would be fukin blasting all over myself, but im grown up now, i would give myself one of those jackathons where you bust like 40 in a row good old days, anyway delete this video pls it's embarassing


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6:10am Oct 16th 17 and edited 1:03pm Oct 16th 17

saw this just today, but very disappointed that GOTOWNED didn't get killed Well done with the movie, very clean, good momentum and also nice single frags Also good to hear some new music in stead of used ones

Forgot two things to say: Very impressed by your ''first'' movie and strong frags in general


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5:01pm Oct 16th 17

very clean,

Quote from pussyfothermuckers on the 16th of October 2017


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12:31am Oct 17th 17

maszterpísz!ggwp Ákos

4:33pm Oct 17th 17

nagyon tetszik bravo ! elso zene kurva jo


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11:18am Oct 18th 17

those noscopes/onetaps gave me ebola..,its really great edit


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2:11am Oct 19th 17



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8:57pm Oct 22nd 17

That was nice.


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10:24pm Oct 22nd 17

That was actually good.