animal BUSTED :DD

animal BUSTED :DD

animal BUSTED :DD

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12:00am Feb 7th 17

If the player does not get ban permanently after this anyone can cheat.

player link :

match link :

and ,
have same hack like animal proof cu


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12:04am Feb 7th 17

animal is cheater !!!!!

MaipE -cya-

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12:08am Feb 7th 17 and edited 1:56pm Feb 7th 17

lul @ 0.20


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12:10am Feb 7th 17

100% clean


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12:12am Feb 7th 17

Finally someone...
This video speaks for itself

12:17am Feb 7th 17

rukveh and sk1nz cu movie


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12:19am Feb 7th 17



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12:22am Feb 7th 17

100% clean

Quote from Johansen on the 7th of February 2017

I think its a sixth person who is in your chicken brain clean.....and they all get perma...ugly Hrky mate


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12:30am Feb 7th 17

rukkveh aka shogozer super clean player reaches 100 rank without losses and make new team to avoid players that can and will due timestamps wpwp

I miss @miss... For when the next ban wave we ask?


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12:34am Feb 7th 17

animal you can't shot without silent xDDD maybe delete, and go WoW or LoL XDDDDDDDDDD


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1:22am Feb 7th 17

He is clean. This movie is so slow that you can't see a shit, you should make it clear, not random things like this. You should also post kills in a normal motion as a comparison to this one.


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1:26am Feb 7th 17



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1:32am Feb 7th 17


Quote from bil. on the 7th of February 2017
Just like Donald Trump


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1:39am Feb 7th 17

i notice that he have some strange movement and rounds sometimes and think hes cheating but this is not silent aim... frame stays 0.7 seconds after you kill someone and i can see that he have good aim,@darc1 it was fast unscope + he get tagged in that second and aim gone in the air... maybe he have aimbot assist or smthng idk this community becoming every time more and more funny xD xD

btw @animal_ nice fake team name xDD


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8:08am Feb 7th 17

clean soz, its just fuckig cod 2 no more