Experience Rankings

Experience Rankings

Experience Rankings

Thread started by LegacyAdmin on Wednesday, 9:37am August 10th with 5 replies. Views: 4,982


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9:37am Aug 10th 16

Hello everyone, i've added an XP rankings leaderboard to the website:

http://au.cybergamer.com/experience/ - AU
http://eu.cybergamer.com/experience/ - EU

On your profiles there's a section that displays the XP you gain from completing various things on the site, the majority of them are related to completing ladder/league/tournament matches, as well as anything that awards you a trophy (winning tournaments etc).

At the end of each month the top 10 users (per site, AU/EU/NA) will receive a month of free CG premium. If you have any suggestions or questions please let me know.

Have fun


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7:26am Aug 11th 16

finally a ranking with micha (rank 245 of 250) in it ! ! ! ;D


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7:28am Aug 11th 16

2nd comment on me!
n1 ranking keep it up


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9:57am Aug 11th 16

finally a ranking with micha (rank 245 of 250) in it ! ! ! ;D

Quote from twitleR on the 11th of August 2016

Indeed, sick player, best AK to date, sick carry


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12:30pm Aug 11th 16

izi top 10


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3:20am Sep 3rd 16

never heard of anyone on the whole leaderboard..

can you make it so we can sort platform (or not see console at all)