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cl_parsepacketentities error

cl_parsepacketentities error

Thread started by tadworn on Sunday, 11:51am April 19th with 3 replies. Views: 1,752


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11:51am Apr 19th 15

anyone knows how to solve that crap?


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12:58pm Apr 19th 15

I think its because you burned the CD? Or are you using a no CD version?


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3:02pm Apr 19th 15

You have cod version patched on 1.5, and you is connect to server with lowering version as is 1.1 or 1.2 or 1.4. Easy fix is connect through in a Join a Game, and do not HLSW or others options


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3:55pm Apr 19th 15

thanks for answers, I think I'll download other version... btw. it works through join a game