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Post for Reissue

Post for Reissue

Thread started by RYLZ on Monday, 1:31pm April 6th with 3 replies. Views: 845


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1:31pm Apr 6th 15 and edited 1:41pm Apr 6th 15

Hello I am new here but not new to the business around Call of Duty.

I know Call of Duty's modding ability and as I know the movement ingame is defined somehow in the game dll files. I tripd in around the modding of my mod Origin of Honor. I'd like to change the movement of the singleplayer to the movement of the multiplayer (bunnyhopping). However there is no file to change bunnyhopping in Call of Duty's pk3 files. I checked anything...

Maybe you have a chance keso with your maya editing. I could implement your stuff as a patch for Call of Duty. Also i could add many more stuff like this:

!!WATCH THIS IN 1080p!!

The new menu offers you much more settings.

Also you could look.
!!WATCH THIS IN 1080p!!

I could make a patch including keso stuff, my stuff and some maps??

Maybe someone remembers me of clanbase, I did pam V1.09 for the latest clanbase matches and so on shot0000.jpg.

I hope I could contribute something useful (like pam, mappacks, menus, patches, punkbuster scripts, forceing client commands serverside, WHATEVER) for cybergamer to keep Call of Duty ""competition"" alive.

Sadly i heard, sombody did pam for cg ;(.

It's never too late

Best regards,


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2:47pm Apr 6th 15

Well, like I told you RYLZ, should definitely have chat with the man, him + keso, who knows what the possibilities are, I believe they might be able to contribute greatly in improving the game. For example the menu reissue has made makes it so so much easier for people to be able to play on the resolution they want, with the right aspect ratio etc etc etc.. And I'm quite sure that's just the wee tip of the iceberg.


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9:46pm Apr 6th 15

rylz did a post for me, omg. I wrote (copy) the same in thread visual fixes by keso.
Sorry and thank you!



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10:38pm Apr 6th 15

No problem