CGAC Error - 0x16

CGAC Error - 0x16

CGAC Error - 0x16

Thread started by sKifuu - mjstx on Monday, 9:06pm January 5th. Views: 901

sKifuu - mjstx

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9:06pm Jan 5th 15

Hey all !
Came back after some weeks of not playin cod 4.
Uninstalled the old cgac
Downloaded the new cgac.
everything worked fine..
but after ~ 1 min the cgac crashed and just said :

"Something unexpected went wrong. Error message 0x16"

As I said , I play CoD4. On Win7 64bit.
DirectX11 is installed. Anti Virus is offline.
Some Ideas to fix it.

thx - Björn


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9:38pm Jan 5th 15

Try to download DirectX from here and install it AGAIN