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New CyberGamer Updates! - CG V2.0

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Thread started by [email protected]! on Thursday, 7:26pm July 3rd with 68 replies. Views: 43,386


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5:00pm Jul 4th 08

let me ruin the moment by saying th site looks average...

jks... looks great... however im having troubles streaming some of the files...


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5:54pm Jul 4th 08

what troubles?


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6:23pm Jul 4th 08

what do i click to stream?

adamB - Patriot

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7:09pm Jul 4th 08

wiiiicked job fellas

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7:15pm Jul 4th 08

yea i almost creamed when i saw ti, its very rad


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7:27pm Jul 4th 08

Not all the files can be streamed yet, the server is working its way through them all and converting them to flash format, will take a little time.


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10:07pm Jul 4th 08

Sick update =D!


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5:31am Jul 5th 08

looks awesome


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6:24am Jul 5th 08

gw fellas