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Thread started by wizQ on Thursday, 6:34pm October 23rd with 74 replies. Views: 25,943


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10:54pm Oct 23rd 14 and edited 7:26pm Oct 31st 14

Nation: Spain
Age: 21
Leadership: Well, i was the last captain in the last ESL cod4 nations cup, which was on 2k12( here u have the link from the team . I have been playing on this role lot of times, on the old cod4 channels and on the good cups from cg ( cgm, cg ladder cup). And playing this game since 2k8 or something like that.

Future nation team: dani, kratos, nacked,ville,tram_R?,xplicit,Niw0r (The old spanish COD4 team, full of ex-preinvite players)


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11:36pm Oct 23rd 14

May as well apply.

Nation: United States/Canada(Decided to put these two together since they are from the same continent)
Leadership: Been a captain in many of my teams: MOVE(Top 30 CG US/CAN team), Paralyzed.QPAD(Top 30 CG EU team), Infinity eSports Team 3(Top 20 CG US team), Penta Sports(Top 20 CG currently).
Players: There aren't many players left in USA/CAN but I do know of 7-10 active/decent players that I could get to join my team.

Hope you can consider this and allow USA/CAN to be represented in this nations cup as there are still some people from there playing!


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12:05am Oct 24th 14

Name: Rik ''R1KK3RT'' de Jong
Who am I?: Take a quick peek at my profile to get to know me better
Nation: The Netherlands
Age: 20
Leadership: Experience with leading several teams(atleast being the spokesperson for them and making sure everything was setup correctly and being an in-game leader/caller).
Previous teams: AT Gaming, iPLAY eSports (CGi (3-4 seasons) and CGm experience)
Why you should be chosen over the next applicant for your nation: I've got the experience needed to make sure there is a stable team of confident players around. I'd like to bring people together who can have fun and get the most out of their game every single game. Liking to motivate people and to make sure they fight for every single round eventhough when you are 3-4 rounds behind or even a map. Been playing this game since the release and i've attended way to many .nl/.be lans(including aef, brussels(eventhough as a caster, but hey :D), so I think i'm capable of leading the dutch squad to a victory!


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12:38am Oct 24th 14 and edited 2:52pm Oct 29th 14

Nation: Slovenia
Age: 19
Leadership: I have been playing CoD4 since 2008, competitively since 2010 and I have also been captain of CONTROL Gaming since 2010 and played in that team until now.
Potential players: lohwi, turtle, lroe, izu, felix, ks3l, fallenx and some other backup. They are active, good solid players to play with. We have proven online as well as offline...
I also know ALL the other "active" Slovenian players that are still playing CoD4


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1:46am Oct 24th 14 and edited 2:20am Oct 24th 14

Keep it up guys!

I have made a few edits to the original post, added rules and such.

14 nations signed up with 21 captain applications!


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2:15am Oct 24th 14

Besides i'm half italian I can choose?

Nation: Italia (cuz i wont be able to play for team belgium )
Age: 27
Leadership: quite enough i guess
Future nation team: can reach some good Italian invite players



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2:17am Oct 24th 14

Nation: Croatia

Age: 21

Previous teams: MScape,auRic,i.Tt,mTL.Tt (invite and CGm)

Leadership: I was a leader in a Team MindScape for more than 2 years. Played on top of the scene (invite,GGm).

Why you should be chosen over the next applicant for your nation: Well i have a lot of experience in this game and i know how to lead a team. I would choose players who are willing to play for their country and who are good enough to represent it. Im motivated for this work and ill do my best to get out the best of players who represtent Croatia.


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2:50am Oct 24th 14

Nation: Germany

Age: 25

Previous teams: COREPLAY,EnRo Griffins, Tyt.SPEED-Link, Tera Mindfactory , BANHAMMER


CEO of Team-Germany in

Season 2010 : CoD2 - CoD4 SD & CTF

Season 2012 : CoD2 - CoD4 SD & CTF

Clanbase Nationscup .

CEO Team Sweden ESL Blubgame.

Why you should be chosen over the next applicant for your nation:

i got eSport experinece since 2003 so i am one of the old players. I managed a lot of teams of from germany or international so some eSport Events in a lot countrys. I create on every season the line ups for CoD2 SD Team.


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1:33pm Oct 24th 14

Nation: Germany
Age: 23
Leadership: been playing this game since the release and might be a good addition in this nationcup. Since im playing this game since the release, i have lot of experience in this game and played in many good teams in teh past.


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1:40pm Oct 24th 14

Any comments not applying will be removed, no need for the posts.


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2:24pm Oct 24th 14

Nation: Croatia


Leadership:leaded my team through 2 seasons on cg(Season 6 and Season 7) and i have been to several local LANs with that team.
+ leaded my team fishbite through one season (Season 8) and to BIG BANG LAN where they were 5th-8th.

Why? Cause i have 5 years of experience in this game,i am able to lead it fair and i am able to gather up 5 players that are good enough to represent our country.

P.S.Don't remove my application like one of you guys did yesterday,maybe i'm not one of the most appreciated players on this community but i think i still deserve to apply.


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2:44pm Oct 24th 14



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5:22pm Oct 24th 14

Nation: Croatia


Leadership: Leading one of the most online/offline succesful teams in Croatia(NFY). 6 lans attented ,most of them in top 3-5 places against the teams such as imex,o3s,sniip,blitz etc.. Top 10 last CG season. Ran one lan (DYNAMIC SUMMER CHALLANGE) with main dynamic admin,kiby.

I should be choosen because I know how to handle a team, Im playing this serial at top scene for 4 years. Went to six LANs and in great relationship with most of the CRO's players. And last but not the least. Im rich and I could handle all those guys every online/offline event which needs to be paid.



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9:51pm Oct 24th 14

Nation: Russia
Age: 21
Leadership: created a team that had existed for 4 years (emoRage, 2009-2013), was the captain of it. Know a lot of top players in russian community and can easily organise a good team that will be a good competitor for other national teams.

a4urza:) (78b92dbc)

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2:08am Oct 25th 14

Nation: United motherfucking States of America
Age: 20
Leadership: I've been team captain of at least 90% of my CG teams all doing very well
and I can get a few top notch Americans to come take this home.

Euros just remember when the game mattered we were #1

Rip EG
Rip Pandemic
Rip vVv