Help: ping is higher than usua...

Help: ping is higher than usual but only in-game

Help: ping is higher than usual but only in-game

Thread started by nieKj on Tuesday, 8:12pm October 7th with 4 replies. Views: 1,622


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8:12pm Oct 7th 14


This is my ping right now and I live in the Netherlands but for example on a server hosted in Germany or France I get 105 ping, also if I alt+tab and go in-game again my ping was normal? Please help me.

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8:18pm Oct 7th 14

ul i have the same problem too today and I do also have ziggo.

try using a vpn from your original country (NETHALENDSZ)& maybe it'll be normal then; else it's just the server/ziggo.


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8:47pm Oct 7th 14

probably problem with server i think tommorow you will be fine


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12:26pm Oct 9th 14

Im having problems with ziggo aswell, ping mostly unstable as f*ck >.<


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12:40pm Oct 9th 14

Seems like a general ISP problem yes.

Either call them directly or wait until it gets solved itself