CGAC crashes when starting CoD4

CGAC crashes when starting CoD4

CGAC crashes when starting CoD4

Thread started by phnxz on Tuesday, 7:20pm September 23rd. Views: 986


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7:20pm Sep 23rd 14 and edited 9:08pm Sep 23rd 14

Hey guys,

i just downloaded and installed CGAC but I get various errors when I try to use this application for CoD4. After pressing "Launch", I get this successfully logged in screen followed by different error codes.

While posting this I tried it again and got this one here.

But I also get this one by time:

Or also this one:

What I have already done:

- Redownloaded and reinstalled CGAC
- Checked NET Framework
- Installed Visual C++ Redistributable for Visual Studio 2012 Update 4 (just in case)
- Tried it without firewall
- Tried it with a standard cfg
- Put login.ini on dekstop
- Put this stuff in my config/changed those values:

seta loc_forceEnglish "0"
seta loc_language "0"
seta log "0"
seta lowAmmoWarningPulseFreq "1.7"
seta lowAmmoWarningPulseMax "1.5"
seta lowAmmoWarningPulseMin "0"

I hope you guys can give me some help.



After reinstalling CoD4 I get this error:

Now first starting CoD4 and then CGAC my cod starts freezing after like 20 seconds while being on a server.
2 mins after cod4 has crashed i get this message:

Zeit Geist :j

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8:27pm Sep 23rd 14

You might not be alone. Mine is either crashing right at the start or randomly while playing.