Banned for nothing ?

Banned for nothing ?

Banned for nothing ?

Thread started by Lacostex on Sunday, 12:38am July 28th with 7 replies. Views: 2,334


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12:38am Jul 28th 13

Hello guys today me and my mate decide to make cybergamer since we hear few thing about it , when i changed some stuff and reload the page it says banned my matzzy "RWB" But i never played or register here before . i have no clue what to do please help me .


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12:58am Jul 28th 13

try to open ticket


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1:10am Jul 28th 13

Please make a support ticket.

voddY <3

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1:20am Jul 28th 13

br br br


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3:01am Jul 28th 13

How i open support ticket>?


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3:43am Jul 28th 13

omfg soma ur trying to make like 20 accounts u think it will help you?you should not hack and you wouldn't been banned,deal with that


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8:41am Jul 28th 13

same for me and ticket Date: 21h 20m ago no answer ...