cfg unbinds mouse

cfg unbinds mouse

cfg unbinds mouse

Thread started by SeekaX on Sunday, 12:16am July 14th. Views: 1,296


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12:16am Jul 14th 13

A few days ago cod4 started unbinding mouse3/4/5 and the mousewheel. it also adds this line:
bind MOUSE3 "\"\"openscriptmeûOseta ai_playerNearRange "800"
no idea why it does that, obviously i could set the cfg to read only, which works, but i change my settings quite often so that's nothing more than a hotfix. i had the problem before about a year ago but i can't recall anymore how i fixed it. reinstall and new profile didn't work.


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2:28am Jul 14th 13

Well I have no idea how to solve the soloution in any other way but going for the hotfix and set it to read only and just keep on playing with the settings that you've got right now.