Knife round please

Knife round please

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Thread started by Alcatraz on Thursday, 4:48pm August 4th with 19 replies. Views: 13,134


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4:05pm Aug 11th 11

system is fine as it is but a knifing round would be fun


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7:06pm Aug 11th 11

No need for knife round in PUGs, teams are already decided and people would rather get on with the game.

Quote from bashy on the 11th of August 2011
Yup, knife round is boring any ways, not everyone likes them.


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6:26pm Aug 14th 11

What about creating a poll in every Pug whether there is a knife round or not? Just like the polls about the map, players..


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12:06am Aug 16th 11

that would take too long lol, current system is fine... otherwise captains would just be favoring friends and stuff, that wouldn't be fair to the rest.

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9:43am Nov 17th 12

knife for sides in pugs