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How to rush B on crash ~ by viz-cu

How to rush B on crash ~ by viz-cu

Thread started by ALEXZ:$ on Wednesday, 8:01pm July 4th with 11 replies. Views: 3,230


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8:01pm Jul 4th 12

How to rush B on mp_crash

what do you think - btw I know it's laggy and the quality is crap.


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10:36pm Jul 4th 12

i think, first bounce don't need.


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11:12pm Jul 4th 12

I think you're really really retarded and should go see a doctor about it


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11:17pm Jul 4th 12

tbh pretty useless , try it on cg versus some better teams ....


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11:24pm Jul 4th 12

try and do that in a game even vs shit people and see what happens


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8:05am Jul 5th 12

you will be killed instantly when you get out of the blue and also if there's smoke you really can't precisely do the 2nd bounce.. so it's pretty useless


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10:42am Jul 5th 12

good luck with that rush m8.


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1:12pm Jul 5th 12

yeah just bounce through the area where about 4 nades land and half the players spray through smoke and shit. Thats gonna work out great, definately not gonna get tagged and fuck up your bounces/jumps.


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1:21pm Jul 5th 12

song pls


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1:33pm Jul 5th 12

im faster with a basic route...


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2:40pm Jul 5th 12

Seen faster prone rushes.


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5:24am Jul 6th 12

Seen faster prone rushes.

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