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Congratz Ex

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2:05am Mar 10th 11

Cheers :)
Bring Back Mw2 TDM ETC *cough*


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8:34am Sep 1st 11

All ladders on CG have had a couple of small, but fairly major changes.

From today teams are able to challenge 50% of their rank plus 3 places. Previously you could challenge 50% of your rank or 4 places above, whichever was greater. This change is mainly to allow slightly more teams to challenge into the top 5-10 positions.

Secondly the Protected/Vulnerable status have had one change, they are now:
If you win a defending match you are protected for 2 days.
If you win a challenging match you are protected for 12 hours (previously not protected at all).
If you lose a defending match you are vulnerable for 12h.
If you lose a challenging match you are vulnerable for 2 days.

This change is to allow teams that are moving up the ladder to continue to move up until they lose, this is particularly helpful for above average teams that join a ladder late into the season.

These changes are essentially on trial, if there's any issues they'll be revisited.


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3:03pm Sep 3rd 11

sounds good and a good change ty


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10:23am Sep 4th 11

Whats gonna happen with mw3?


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10:10am Oct 3rd 11

thanks i dont aggree with the rules though


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3:52pm Oct 8th 11

thanks bro , was wondering why we were only protected for 12 hours


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12:49am Oct 22nd 11

yeh much better good work admins =)


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7:15am Dec 2nd 11



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6:22am Jan 1st 12

cheers good work admins

[-o-] spitfire.

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9:55am Jan 1st 12

great work (:


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5:50am Jan 26th 12

Nice work!


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Nicee worrk. (:


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fucking necro faggots.