Dizual LF AK'S

Dizual LF AK'S

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10:02pm Nov 2nd 11

Hello, we "Dizual.eu are looking for 2 smg's and 1 AK.
Caws and me played together in NCBu and the old dizual, but because it brokes, we decided to create it new with other players.
You should handle acad/pre invite and be active, skilled and mature.

Now some informations about the team:

Team name : dizual gaming
Team tag: #dizual
Skill : High, pushing acad!
Language : english.
Nationality: Europe
Activity: 4-7 days a week.
Lanable: is a +
Age: 16+, be mature!

Marcelo"iZKER "Santos
Weapon: Scope
From: Portugal [img]http://media.xfire.com/images/flags/pt.gif[/img]
Age: 17

Eman "caws " Sciberras
Weapon: AK47
From: Malta [img]http://media.xfire.com/images/flags/mt.gif[/img]
Age: 19

You"You "You
Weapon: AK47
From: europe
Age: 16+

You"You "You
Weapon: SMG
From: europe
Age: 16+

You"You "You
Weapon: SMG
From: europe
Age: 16+

What are we looking for:

2 SMG'2, 1 AK
be 16+ be mature...
dont rage
know smokes
know good nades
know good rushes
handle academy
don't whine
communication is very important.

What can we offer:

ts3 and a server atm. (lan support later if we got good&stable team?.)

What the team /wants/ to archieve:[/i]

Cups, play CG, get into acad/preinvite.


xfire: iambroke
xfire: distructed


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1:58am Nov 3rd 11

great guys


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9:26am Nov 3rd 11

wrong forum ^^