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21 Stars - Looking for 3 players ~

21 Stars - Looking for 3 players ~

Thread started by MoonUNIT (Yobytruk) on Wednesday, 9:22am April 6th. Views: 535

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Hello there beautiful people, 21 Stars are currently looking for 3 dedicated and clued individuals to join our core 5.
Our goal is to establish a solid core 5 for the upcoming ladders/leagues/tournaments

21 Stars: A Melbourne based E-sports team built by two high school friends with the goals of competing at the highest level possible. Damon and Fitzroy have an environment and culture they wish to build that has a unique, more traditional sports flavour to it, incorporating key components such as structure and community to a very juvenile Australian E-sports Scene.

Team Culture:
Our team culture is incredibly important to us and the way in which we desire to shape our esports team.
This culture includes:
• Open, friendly and supportive individuals
• Brandable and Professional, in an environment built upon support
  • Chill, relaxed and able to have a laugh, as well as a willing to learn and achieve the best results possible

What we are looking for:
  • Sharp Aim
  • Must have game smarts and clue
  • Availability (Activeness) Training will be 4 nights a week Monday-Thursday for 2 hours a night between the hours of 6-10pm AEDT.* Players will also have to be available for Tournaments/Events on weekends and LPL throughout the week when that starts.*
  • Individually driven (Someone who puts in the hard yards, self motivated etc)
  • Mature-(M8 Qualities; You must be a nice person, someone who's able to laugh and to take shit serious when time needs to be, someone Mentally Solid (Someone who doesn't rage constantly and tilts)
  • Expected to know com's(calls), map knowledge etc
  • Has a working Microphone
  • LAN Availability (possibility for later LANS)
  • Previous FPS Competitive experience (CS CSGO ETC)

Current Line-up:
We are looking for a Controller, Initiator and possibly Duelist/Sentinel.
Application Format:

• First Name
• Age
• Rank
• State
• What made you decide you wanted to play Valorant
• Previous experience in Esports (player, fan etc…)
• Why would you want to join this team in particular?
• What is your general availability like?

Direct message me on Discord:YobytrukRA#0764 or even reply to this thread with the format above.