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LFM +1 CGo

LFM +1 CGo

Thread started by Shandy on Tuesday, 2:51am August 24th with 2 replies. Views: 600


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2:51am Aug 24th 21

Hi guys,

I have a group of friends that want to compete and learn what it takes to improve and get to a higher level.
We have 4 and a couple of subs but we need a dedicated 5th.
Looking for someone around gold or higher if you are willing to be a bit of a mentor.

We are mid 20's and from WA. If you're from WA then that is a bonus :)



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3:52pm Sep 14th 21

Jaspyre#0135 is my discord add

These previous achievements were for CS:GO

Previous Teams: ChromatX ~ ZappY, Vavex, goldfish, Tempz, Kay
Wicked E-sports ~ ZappY, Ven, Vix, Tedi, CoolGuy
Exsto Gaming Academy ~ ZappY, emty, RoninAUS, Nugget, Atoomic

Achievements: CGN Open Tourney [$200 Prize Pool] - First Place Lineup - ZappY, Kay, Tempz, goldfish, Vavex ~ Team - ChromatX

Availability: Can play all days later in the evening from 8:30 pm AEST onwards, will occasionally be occupied some nights though

Wolfy ™

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4:09pm Jun 13th 22


Add me on discord peak was diamond currently sitting plat 1