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Are you an old school cod gamer just like us who started out with the first Call of Duty back in the days? Or are you somebody who is open to experience this old school feeling that we had around 2005?

We are glad to share with you that CoD1 and CoD:UO are still alive, with an awesome positive community and high quality streamed competitions. After finishing our Reborn Cup Series with 4 cups, we are starting a new series and we have already opened the registration for the first competition, Summer Cup.

We are not only alive, but we have the Slovenian brand of quality gaming peripherals UviGear sponsoring us! So if you are not only looking for a great community, an old school gaming feeling but you would like to compete against a huge variety of teams in skill level in a well organised tournament manner, then check out our website: or our discord:

Just a quick teaser what kind of experience you are looking for, there are 2 absolutely amazing quality videos to give you the feeling that has been mentioned earlier made by rapidzjeh

Looking forward to seeing you guys trying out, if you have any kind of questions about how to get started just join us on discord, and we will be more than glad to answer you there!



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10:21pm May 7th 21

we used to play cod uo ctf on those big maps with tanks and shit

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rapid do u remember cod uo tdm server called wildcard offensive with custom mod and maps, mp44 with almost no recoil and 90 bullets, same with bar and u could carry 2 main weapons, set trip wires with 2 nades at the door, and u would gain ranks the more u kill and call arty when u at 50+ kills

u still got that?