Powerhouse CoD2 Blitz Cup (30t...

Powerhouse CoD2 Blitz Cup (30th/31st January 2021)

Powerhouse CoD2 Blitz Cup (30th/31st January 2021)

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6:40pm Dec 31st 20 and edited 9:57pm Jan 29th 21

Hey everyone,

We are going to start a new series of CoD2 tournaments called “Blitz Cups”, these will be weekend events similar to the Christmas Cup we hosted a couple weeks ago.

The first in the series will be taking place just before Season 3 kicks off, so get involved!

Join our CoD2 discord to keep up to date with tournament announcements: https://discord.com/invite/m7tskCz

Powerhouse CoD2 Blitz Cup 01 (30th/31st January 2021)

Entry Fee: €35 per team. (all money will go directly towards the prize pool)

Early Bird Discount: Unavailable. Offer expired Wednesday 13th January 23:59 CET.

Date: 30th January - 31st January

Team Size: 5-8 players

Tournament Format: The exact tournament format will be released once the number of teams is known. There will be a group stage + double elimination playoffs. Group matches will be Bo1. LB Final will be Bo3. The Grand Final will be Bo5.

Map Pool: Burgundy, Carentan, Dawnville, Matmata, Toujane, Trainstation, Vallente

We have added 2 new maps (Trainstation + Vallente) to the map pool for this season, these maps were decided by a community vote.

Map Veto System (Bo3): Ban, ban, pick, pick, ban, ban, decider.
Map Veto System (Bo1): Ban, ban, ban, ban, ban, ban, decider.

Tournament Schedule: The tournament will run from 10am-10pm on both days with scheduled breaks through-out. The full schedule will be released when the exact number of teams is known.

Preliminary schedule:

Anti-cheat: CGAC, Teamviewer + Periscope. Cybergamer anti-cheat will be mandatory for all matches in this tournament. Periscope and team-viewer will be used in special cases where the admin team feel that it is necessary to preserve the competitive integrity of the tournament.


Paid teams (15/16):

1 - ephix (SANTAN, vioqor, danne, sER, serenity, iconz) - (Early bird discount)
2 - SUPERKIDS (bazsa, honestER, QKESZ, STORMY, TIGGLER, distin) - (Early bird discount)
3 - teampje (jenz, dayz, henkie, exel, kikzor) - (Early bird discount)
4 - ARMIA (mavor, kemah, lacky, kazar, phail) - (Early bird discount)
5 - NE_MOZE (BIG, intrax, inc, rtms, flegma) - (Early bird discount)
6 - Team iNFINITE (d3do, F1co, hEFEST, rpz, t0x) - (Early bird discount)
7 -
NEWERA (nodyxz, k1rba, mozart, benq, kspr) - (Early bird discount)
8 -
Bloodthirsters (freakZ, kebit, Dav, Fleshx, nick, KRADZZjE) - (Early bird discount)
9 - MARTIANS (Sk1lzZ, Sp1RiT, G4box, blavex, daaaneeez) - (Early bird discount)
10 - HAND (devzr, anakzAKAR, fURBYX, Dutchboy, wascht-, dezAKAR) - (Early bird discount)
11 - MiCRO (strumfich, dubich, mauz, losa, antalas, salmosa) - (Early bird discount)
12 - ENCOREGAMING (pinkpanther, smokeblunt, lamzoRRR, lazyyy, wezi) - (Early bird discount)
13 - KiNGz (bmblbe, NALUMp, 1950, Fuckic, zipp) - (Early bird discount)
14 - DEFENSE-CONTROL (cokY, ephezyYy, Nightfury, namerje, magnifico) - (Early bird discount)
15 - CSiJ (plaxz, pwnr, kastely, stiler, zizou, pedo, franken)


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6:59pm Dec 31st 20 - in reply to Hatton's post

We have made a couple changes to the format for this season.

Firstly, we’re adding 2 new maps to the map pool, these maps will be decided by a community vote. This should make the map pool a lot more diverse and interesting and bring CoD2 in line with other popular shooters that have a 7 map-pool. Obviously this also gives each team an extra veto in a Bo3, which gives teams the opportunity to “perma-ban” one of the new maps for example in case they don't want to learn both new maps.

The veto system for a 7 map pool will be: ban, ban, pick, pick, ban, ban, decider.

Secondly, there will be no overtimes in the group-stage this time, so you can win, lose or draw your group games. This is to keep the tournament running smoothly and to give consistent breaks between games.

We are also hosting a longer running seasonal tournament (Season 3), this starts in February and you can check out the details here: https://eu.letsplay.live/forums/thread/p9021416/


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10:10pm Jan 3rd 21 - in reply to Hatton's post

wINRUNNERz paid! (psiho, aleph , qwzy , swagger, infy)


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9:47pm Jan 4th 21

woud be cool to see vallente and port here , really 2 interessting maps


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1:44pm Jan 5th 21

SUPERKIDS paid - (bazsa, honestER, QKESZ, STORMY, TIGGLER)


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1:51pm Jan 5th 21 - in reply to Hatton's post

Tomorrow we will start collecting the votes to decide which maps will be added to the map pool, if you're team wants to partake in the vote, then send me a pm or discord, or make sure you're signed up on the Toornament page.

Paid team votes will be worth twice as much as "interested" teams votes.


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4:01pm Jan 7th 21

Regarding the map vote, we have collected votes from the following teams:

ephix, superkids, winrunnerz, newera, ARMIA, HAND, Team iNFINITE, KiNGz, OnlineGamers

If there are any other teams that want to vote, then just send me a pm on discord. Deadline for the vote will be 20 CET tonight.

There'll be 2 separate votes. You vote for 2 maps each time. After the 1st vote, the least popular map is removed, then we do the final vote, and the 2 most popular maps will be picked. (This is to ensure that people vote for the maps they truly want, instead of the situation where a team does not bother voting the map that they want, because they don't think that it'll pass anyway)


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6:35pm Jan 7th 21

teampje PAID! (early bird discount) - (jenz, dayz, henkie, exel, kikzor)
ARMIA PAID! (early bird discount) - (mavor, kemah, lacky, kazar, phail)


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8:16pm Jan 7th 21

The voting is now closed for the map pool, results will be published shortly!


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5:42pm Jan 8th 21


vallente and trainstation (Caen) will be added to the map pool as the 6th and 7th map.

First vote: Caen (65 votes), Vallente (65 votes), Rhine (30 votes), Port (20 votes)

As Port was the least popular choice, this was removed from the next vote.

Second vote: Vallente (70 votes), Caen (65 votes), Rhine (40 votes)


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7:15pm Jan 8th 21 - in reply to Hatton's post

NE_MOZE paid (Early bird discount) (BIG, intrax, inc, rtms, flegma)


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12:34am Jan 9th 21

Team iNFINITE paid (Early Bird Discount) (d3do, F1co, hEFEST, rpz, t0x)