Powerhouse CoD2 Quarantine Cup...

Powerhouse CoD2 Quarantine Cup Season 2

Powerhouse CoD2 Quarantine Cup Season 2

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Hey guys,

As the last tournament was a great success, we are going to organise another Pay2Play tournament for CoD2! This should bring back some life to the game after the summer break and keep teams playing actively over the next couple months. So if you've been missing your CoD2 fix, make sure you get involved!

Powerhouse CoD2 Quarantine Cup Season 2

Entry Fee: 75 euro per team (all money will go directly towards the prize pool)

Team Size: 5-8 players

Tournament Format: The exact tournament format will be released once the number of teams is known. There will be a group stage + playoffs.

Tournament Schedule:
This tournament will run between 12th October - December (finish before xmas). Full schedule will be released when the tournament format is known.

Anti-cheat: CGAC, Teamviewer + Periscope. Cybergamer anti-cheat will be mandatory for all matches in this tournament. Periscope and team-viewer will be used in special cases where the admin team feel that it is necessary to preserve the competitive integrity of the tournament.

Payment / Application: To apply to this tournament, please send an email to “[email protected]” with your team-name and roster and create an application on the Toornament web-page:


You will need to create a LPL team, and add your players to the roster.

This team created should be named "teamname Powerhouse QC S2", for example "ephix Powerhouse QC S2".

This team should be created for the sole purpose of participating in this cup. You should only add players who will be on the cup roster and you should not use this team to play standard ladder matches. Once your application has been approved, we will then send you the Paypal email address for you to pay the entry-fee and secure your spot in the tournament.

PAYMENT DEADLINE: 23:59 Saturday 10th October 2020

Paid teams (25):

ephix (htN, danne, vioqor, iconz, serenity, jordan, ravezor)
Teampje (jenz, dayz, exel, henkie, masax)
ONLINEGAMERS (DudlajS, Vity , rysker, dymat1ze ,THE-K, Network)
Team iNFINITE (d3do, hEFEST, Fuckic, rpz, t0x, snkr)
KiNGz (dkqy, 1950, CiiBaa, bmblbe, NALUMP)
Martians (Sp1RiT, G4box, daaaneeez, Sk1lzZ, blavex)
HAND (anakzAKAR, Daveyy, kemah, devzr, fURBYX, dutchboy, irreeL)
BLOODTHIRSTERS (Dav, nick, freakZ, kebit, Fleshx)
watch and learn (pussy, qlimaxzu, SLONE, dltr, deezn, markb)
NEWERA (mozart, nodyx, k1rba, toxic, CAASR)
b2d (L3GUAN3K, efuck, TOMASOVEC, stamm-, wors)
CSiJ (Pedo, ril, franken, pwnr, plaxz)
gonewild (domi, teqi, mason, koen, wascht)
ARMIA (lacky, Dudek, phail, mavor, kazar)
owex (superkiller, sER, vans, kspr, enit, lawliet)
CTAPA96UTBA (LEDAX, Michael, xyu, Easy, BOTBOB, ServuS)
G5 (Lastmanzjee, KARADAJJJ, Ajxik, YounGun, eOrk, EPIXOR)
Scylla (smokeblunt, lamzoRRR, pinkpanthR, PS!HO, rtms, Maras7)
GuccyGang (hurvajz, fajt, Surface, Mr.TvolayZ, straty, Mach1ne, Daniel)
ESPORTONLINE (Distin, weby, zizou007, Kastely, Marii, paty shepard)
MiCRO (dubich, m4uz, strumfich, antalas, losa, marko)
DISTRICT13 (lazyyy, krejzi, magnifico, cokY, sica)
Blacklisted (Cofi, Blinde, +3)
pussy whippeds (enzi, evilman, Goldaaaaa, sinatra, racccaaa, alf)


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7:55pm Sep 18th 20

rami got benched?


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9:29pm Sep 18th 20

Nice guys, gj for organising one more! Gl to all teams


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if anyone is looking for a team, or if a team is looking for players, feel free to use our discord server to aid you in your search:


we will be using this discord for further cup communications and for teams to schedule their matches, so make sure you join if you're participating!


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3:43pm Sep 20th 20 - in reply to Hatton's post

Teampje (jenz, dayz, exel, henkie, masax) paid!


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9:55pm Sep 20th 20 - in reply to Hatton's post



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Quote from kokZ on the 20th of September 2020

Can confirm, welcome back!

ONLINEGAMERS (DudlajS, Vity , rysker, dymat1ze, THE-K, Network) paid!


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10:38pm Sep 21st 20



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11:14pm Sep 21st 20

Team iNFINITE paid (d3do, hEFEST, Fuckic, rpz, t0x, snkr)

kA5ap (:

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2:38pm Sep 22nd 20



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1:09pm Sep 23rd 20

CTAPAUTBA96 (LEDAX, Easy, Sergej, Michael, xyu, ServuS) interested. We are waiting for more teams


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4:16pm Sep 23rd 20

KiNGz paid (dkqy, 1950, CiiBaa, bmblbe, NALUMP)


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3:39pm Sep 25th 20 - in reply to Hatton's post

Martians paid (Sp1RiT, G4box, daaaneeez, Sk1lzZ, blavex)


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6:08pm Sep 25th 20

If someone need fifth i can play this cup . Cuz armia will not play . add stream - lacky


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10:29pm Sep 25th 20 - in reply to Foxbuster's post

LFT pm me or add me on steam: kikozjeeh