Rulechange regarding deciderma...

Rulechange regarding decidermap and MR12 + warning RWB players

Rulechange regarding decidermap and MR12 + warning RWB players

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5:56pm Jul 2nd 20

At all CoD2 players,

The CoD2 rules have been updated, because the rules regarding mr12 were not clear + teams sometimes played decider map in pam_mode cg, but it happened pretty often that in case of losing that map, they would still claim the draw. Decider map was a gentlemans agreement and was not implemented in the rules, so based on trust.

Made a post on discord today about it:

and updated the rules

Also I would like to say again and again, watch out who you play with. If a player creates a brand new account and you play multiple times with them and then we find out the player in question is RWB, you might end up getting banned for playing alongst side banned player. If players don't join cgac or teamspeak, please watch your steps. We are not looking forward to ban people every time, but those are the rules.

Thanks for feedback from players and admins regarding the ruleupdate.

Hope this solves the problem about decidermap and MR12 in the future!