[DEMOCALL] Powerhouse CoD2 Qua...

[DEMOCALL] Powerhouse CoD2 Quarantine Cup Frag Movie

[DEMOCALL] Powerhouse CoD2 Quarantine Cup Frag Movie

Thread started by Hatton on Thursday, 6:26pm May 7th with 6 replies. Views: 1,534


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6:26pm May 7th 20


Hey guys,

So I'm happy to announce that Atheist will be creating a frag movie for the Powerhouse CoD2 Quarantine Cup!

If you want to be involved, please submit your demos to Atheist's email, there is no limit on the amount of clips that you can submit.

Please only submit clips from OFFICIAL cup matches, NOT practice matches or ladder matches!

Demo names should include your own nickname, and the timestamp of the action.

[email protected]


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6:43pm May 7th 20 - in reply to Hatton's post

Hello everyone!
I haven't followed the cod2 scene for a couple of last years but all of a sudden got told the idea there is a huge tournament is going on right now that can be covered by an aftermovie. So here I am willingly asking for your nicest actions from this cup to be shown. Share them with me but bear in mind that this is always better to sent only those unique stuff off this cup that is movie worthy. I just don't want to be overflooded by a boring frags but I'm sure you're all aware of what a good fragmovie is consisting of


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6:59pm May 7th 20 - in reply to Hatton's post

Gonna send mine


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11:15pm May 13th 20 - in reply to Hatton's post

Ask Prinz for his demos


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6:16am May 15th 20

check mail. I sent my demo and Sergej


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4:33pm Aug 16th 20

Reminder to anyone that competed in the Powerhouse CoD2 Quarantine Cup, you can still send any actions from the cup to Atheist who is still making a frag-movie. So if you have any worth sending, please send it to: [email protected]


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1:16pm Sep 13th 20

Thanks everyone who dedicated his time to watch demo's, mark rounds and share them with me. Unfortunately it wasn't enough for me to make a movies out of them, as I got only 21 action overall. It would only be a shortie instead of a big movie I intended to make and as I didn't wanna change the concept I decided to stop making it and most likely I will never find time to continue. Sorry to say that.