Hello cod2 players! Need help...

Hello cod2 players! Need help with fps boosting!

Hello cod2 players! Need help with fps boosting!

Thread started by Namesgg on Wednesday, 1:21pm April 1st with 3 replies. Views: 2,355


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1:21pm Apr 1st 20

So the thing is that my fps drops in smoke to 80, although i have around 200 fps constant!
Any insight to this would be very helpfull, thanks in advance bois


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12:17pm Apr 24th 20

Type the following cmds in console, these cmds will boost ur fps but degrade ur graphics ofc : r_multigpu 1, r_gpusync 0 r_picmip 3, r_anisotropy 8, r_aaSamples 1


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7:48am Apr 28th 20

r_picmip 3 is now allowed

r_polygonoffsetbias 16
r_polygonoffsetscale 4

Play on DX7 and not on DX9


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6:50pm Apr 28th 20 - in reply to Namesgg's post

What are your PC specs and temperatures in game.

I would first start by cleaning pc physically from dust and replace thermal paste on gpu and cpu.

1. Update your GPU drivers then lower the settings in your GPU control panel
For nvidia:
-Adjust image settings with preview, out of 3 options select "Use the advanced 3D image settings"
-Manage 3D settings
-Program settings
-Call of Duty 2 (cod2mp_s.exe)
- Antialiasing FXAA : off
- Antialiasing gamma : correction on
- Antialiasing mode : Enhance the application setting
- Antialiasing setting : 2x/4x/8x. I have mine selected at 4x. You should keep that off if you wanna milk out the most fps.
- CUDA GPUs : All
- Low latency mode : Ultra
- OpenGL Rendering GPU : Select your GPU
- Texture filtering - Anisotropic sample option : on
- Texture filtering - Quality : High performance
- Texture filtering Trilinear optimization : on
- Threaded optimization : on
- Virtually pre-rendered frames : 1

2. In windows search type Game Bar, untick Record game clips, screenshots and broadcast using Game Bar. In left column, open Game Mode and untick Game Mode too (https://prnt.sc/s7i54y)
3. Open graphics settings in win 10, browse for your cod2mp_s.exe and set graphics preference to high performance (https://prnt.sc/s7i4hs)
3. Make sure Cod2 is running on all cores (task manager-details-cod2mps.exe-set affinity-check all boxes)
4. Change windows power plan settings to high performance.
5. Download Quick Cpu and drag all slides to 100% (system power plan inside quick cpu should be ''High performance'') (https://prnt.sc/s7i5up)
6. If you have nvidia, uninstall geforce experience.
7. Download Set Timer Resolution and select option "maximum" when opened
8. Match resolution and refresh rate on desktop and in cod2. i.e. DESKTOP: 1920x1080 144hz, COD2: 1920x1080 144hz

If you're using AMD cpu, there might be turbo boost option that can be turned on. Meaning your CPU can overclock on itself by some small amount. Nevertheless, download AMD Overdrive, under Performance Control select Clock/Voltage,
then Turbo Core Control. Try checking it on (https://prnt.sc/s7ia5n)

Right click cod2mp_s.exe, compatibility-> run in compatibility mode "Windows XP service pack 2"
Check disable fullscreen optimization
Check run this program as administrator

Change high DPI settings -> Check Override high dpi scaling behaviour and set scaling to be performed by application.

In game

r_gpusync 0; r_multigpu 0; r_picmip 3; com_maxfps 250, cg_brass 0; cg_blood 0; sys_sysmb 1024; com_hunkmegs 512; cg_marks 0, r_polygonoffsetbias 15; r_polygonoffsetscale 4; ai_corpsecount 0 (or lowest possible, I'm shooting lines from my head)