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CoD1Mania Cup #3 - Weekend cup 04.04-05.2020

CoD1Mania Cup #3 - Weekend cup 04.04-05.2020

Thread started by gergomolnar on Wednesday, 4:43am April 1st. Views: 217


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4:43am Apr 1st 20

Hi guys,

I am pleased to announce the 3rd CoD1 Mania Online Cup, the weekend cup, please find the registration form below.

Date: April 4- 5th, 2020 (Saturday group games & playoff, Sunday playoff)

Application deadline: April 3. 2020

Draw: April 3. 2020

Gametype: Search & Destroy 5v5, all weapons, 1.5 patch

Maps: group games and playoff games bo1 mr13 (ban), only final has bo3 (ban&pick)

Maplist: Brecourt, Carentan, Dawnville, Depot, Harbor, Neuville, Powcamp, Railyard, Tigertown

Schedule: Group games until 21:00 CET on Saturday, playoff is starting after 21:00 CET on Saturday

Stream, secured Admins etc. more information later on.

Have fun guys, if you need any further information please don’t hesitate to contact us with email or on the CoD1 Mania Facebook site

Register here:

If you want to participate but you don't have a team you can text here, on the Facebook or on the CoD1Mania website via Contact form.

Registered teams:

INFINITY*SKILLS: Alex, Frentzen, GeroGhost, Kluge, Koczka, NewZoo, SgTeam, Tankelit
LAMAWORLD: S, wuki, kyle, hard, Syntax, alien
mi: Lipcsi, Trixa, Rudi, Makesz, Mo’kus, Vidike, Vecsko
punk52: AGAZZ1, asthma, boceY, HaM[!]*, meta, MYO’, Showtime
whateVer: abra, conste, lowzor, prison, skrizo, tanker
Abstract: miki, iluze, ejmR, kOblicH, MESiC
CyberStorm: Mamboh, BaLik, Radza, nemec_, ()pice, Bigger
eSuba: flinky, jacket, akse, maxx_, patsches, hectic, janus, AiM
Lamy z Panamy: xeon, volcom, JeromeB, Goodiee, m0rrow
OVERiDE: Arno, azer, Clement, deimos, GuiGui, octo, yEyE, Ska, Taiwan
HATEson!: Ryps, roni, florian, javih, Leon, Smallzor, eNZo
#IDLE: fLpY, Apex, Nanoyeah, Kaiii, coldiii, cry, foschi, Ganja
HaSaCzE Mo$T [email protected]: Nayas, Nistel, VooDoo, Gibon, MrcZk, Koniuchny, Hugo, Tagan, DrX, Wilk, Blast
GotOwned: Nervvv, ASSE, Kuba, bRANNEY, qT, noobster
inSpire: p!ko, choke, gerydos, McFly, Nightmare
Shut the front door (STFD): Verso!, Thoraxx, SzOtY!, R4PTOR, kuzelka