Nightfury, nightfury..

Nightfury, nightfury..

Nightfury, nightfury..

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3:36pm Mar 25th 20

Well, well..

When we (me, sER and kspr) noticed some strange actions versus bloodthirsters in p2p losersbracket final we started to take a look back in the past. We did remember some suspicious moments in a random cg match and one very "wallhack-a-like" movement vs Kompleksii in p2p group stage. Didnt pay further attention at that moment, stating "well everyone gets lucky sometimes" and "guess he has developed whilst playing with owex". What also caught our eye, Nightfury was stronger in p2p matches as people didnt use CGAC. Also, what combines the hacking actions, is they mostly happened in the very dieing moments of the map/match, when round was indeed needed. Therefore, ofcourse, we decided to play p2p final without nightfury(not coz of arguments with him or with pawadox/kastely or anything that nightfury stated in the chat), untill this case could be solved.
Overall the situation is very twistminded as we are basically suspecting our own teammate who we spended lots of time playing with and whos been in the community as long as Nightfury has.

For me gaming is about competing (fairly), but firstly its all about enjoyment, having a good fun, having a good banther and also creating friendships so good you wanna take them to your "irl". I have never made any timestamps or so, but once you hack while playing with me it becomes a personal matter - therefore we've taken some time for it. We wanna say sorry for people whos been outhacked by him, especially apologizing bloodthirsters who propably would have reached p2p final. For the upcoming p2p corona cup we have decided to pay what we earned from 2nd place last cup - 140e.

Below you can see a youtube clip producted by pawad0x. It includes earlier mentioned random cg match (which nightfury only recorded for 11 rounds and being asked afterwards for the rest, only to have an answer "I reinstalled cod and cant find the rest") and just two clips from p2p cupmatches (instead of sending demos that were asked he replied with screenshots from Macedonian cod2 1.0 CTF lan where he was MVP!!!), but for anyone who watches clearly it should be more than enough.

Couple words about clip to avoid further questions;
Kappa vs armia.. anyone who knows nightfury knows he doesnt run around with scope and throw random shots everywhere while fragging 17 in 11 rounds.
owex vs kompleksii.. kompleksii came from 10-3 down to 11-10 before nightfury took matter to his own hands.
owex vs bloodthirsters.. last round of the match, nightfury crouching out of b alley whilst 4 enemies alive (owex had 3 alive), when bloodthirsters had guy around b boxes and b palm to cover b alley almost every round before, followed up by outrageous smokeshot ("I just randomly shot.." Yes, I also would wanna give up my position with random shot) and positioning himself perfectly after first kill.

Friendly, owex.


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4:23pm Mar 25th 20

new frag movie from 3 GOD'S GOOD ! LOVE IT !


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4:34pm Mar 25th 20 - in reply to NightfurY!'s post

obvs xd xd


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4:36pm Mar 25th 20 - in reply to NightfurY!'s post

it wont be funny when u get ban

4:36pm Mar 25th 20

you snitched your own team mate, good job you are mega good friend budaletino


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4:37pm Mar 25th 20

Respect for you boys!


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4:40pm Mar 25th 20 - in reply to JAZZYYYYYYYYYYYYY's post

u dont really get it do u ? we didnt know he cheats until we caught him lol and some1 who is cheating is not my friend


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4:48pm Mar 25th 20 - in reply to kspr's post

dont play with neix bonzi and enit pls .-...


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4:53pm Mar 25th 20 - in reply to mavoRRR's post

haha.. but they don't play with cheaters and don't like them.. what a hypocrite

kA5ap (:

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4:54pm Mar 25th 20

Nice @pawadox , fucking cheater !


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4:55pm Mar 25th 20

And now u start to play with neixz and enit xDDDDD good change


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4:56pm Mar 25th 20 - in reply to mavoRRR's post

well that is another story xD


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4:58pm Mar 25th 20

It certainly became suspicious once nightfury started playing with owex and we (wk) noticed it instantly and called it out (inbetween ourselves). Good job


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4:58pm Mar 25th 20 - in reply to JAZZYYYYYYYYYYYYY's post

well after lost vs ephix they started to bealive that im the one who is cheating on p2p cup im the cheater and when i create TS for Ser he was clean so now he dont know how to use the PC obv so he asked his mum super to ask pawa bcs ser was shitting him after the match vs ephix and he dont have face to ask him again


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5:00pm Mar 25th 20 - in reply to kA5ap (:'s post

not clean, /caseclosed