[LAN] The New Decade Lan [Croa...

[LAN] The New Decade Lan [Croatia] [1/24]

[LAN] The New Decade Lan [Croatia] [1/24]

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Hello cod2 community.

So guys, since the last big cod2 lan in Croatia happend almost 4 years ago in exception of TSA which wasn't so supported, we decided to make this lan happen. Interest is really high and for most teams the Croatia/Zagreb is closer than Prague .Prizepool will depend on number of teams but I can guarantee you that its gonna be really good. We have exactly half a year from today to the lan so lets make this happen guys!

Tournament date: 5-7.6.2020
Place: Friendly fire,Avenue mall Zagreb/E gamer Varazdin(60km) from Zagreb
Teams: 10-24 Format: TUP, DE system, Winner and Loser bracket
Maps: Toujane, Burgundy, Dawnville, Matmata, Carentan
Rules: CG CoD2 ruleset (rules will be published with groups and schedule)

The new decade lan crew:
Losa (head admin)
CiiBaa (head admin)
bmblbe (head admin)
drzaic (support admin)
NALUUMp (IT admin)
intrax (IT admin)
Strumfich (IT admin)
????? (stream)

Entry fee:350€ per team
Prizepool:Can't say for sure but prizepool since all of the entry fee is going to prizepool and probably 2000€ from some sponsors which we except to join us.
I Can guarantee you that prizepool will be atleast 7000€ in case of 18 teams,5000€ in case of 12 teams
Sponsors:dkqy and CiiBaa for 1000-1500€
Payments deadline:15.5.2020
Payments info:all of the info will be announced on 15.01.2020

Paid Teams [1/24]

[img]http://www.cgmirror.com/defaultimages/countryflags/hr.png[/img]Critical [dkqy,bmblbe,CiiBaa,rpz,1950]

Interested Teams [ 16 ]

[img]http://www.cgmirror.com/defaultimages/countryflags/hu.png[/img]SUPERKIDS[bazsa, ErViNN, honestER, KRADZZJE, pwnr]
[img]http://www.cgmirror.com/defaultimages/countryflags/hu.png[/img]WONDERFUL5[Norby, Stormy, Qkesz, Sp1RiT, Sk1lzZ]
[img]http://www.cgmirror.com/defaultimages/countryflags/hu.png[/img]BLOODTHIRSTERS [kebit, nick, Dav, freakZ, Fleshx]
[img]http://www.cgmirror.com/defaultimages/countryflags/eu.png[/img]Team iNFINITE [d3do, ENit, Fuckic, hEFEST, Sk1LL]
[img]http://www.cgmirror.com/defaultimages/countryflags/cz.png[/img] ONLINEGAMERS [kokZ Vity rysker network +1]
[img]http://www.cgmirror.com/defaultimages/countryflags/cz.png[/img]Feelthepower [Phaenom gotys insazeny jedipadawan bnz]
[img]http://www.cgmirror.com/defaultimages/countryflags/cz.png[/img]R.O.BOTS [blasty,dudlajs,caasr,toxic,kemah]
[img]http://www.cgmirror.com/defaultimages/countryflags/pl.png[/img] Zavodnik

As we will probably have a lot of looking for team players,we've decided to not spread topics around,all lft players will be written below.

Looking for team players (Sorted by country)

[img]http://www.cgmirror.com/defaultimages/countryflags/hr.png[/img]Mangulica https://eu.letsplay.live/profile/400178/Mangulica/
[img]http://www.cgmirror.com/defaultimages/countryflags/hr.png[/img]Losa https://eu.letsplay.live/profile/214650/losa/
[img]http://www.cgmirror.com/defaultimages/countryflags/hr.png[/img]blakeRRR https://eu.letsplay.live/profile/275598/blakeRRR/

Basicly the seeding will be drawn by previous lan results,it will include only internatonal lans and we won't take in consideration local lans.
Seeding and groups will be published immidietly after payment deadline (15.5.2020)

So guys,after blasty's pay2play cup finish.around march i think,we will host one cup where the 1st prize gonna be a free entry.Every team who pay for the lan before that cup,if they win it the money from the enterance fee will be returned to them within a week!
[IMPORTANT] We will let the teams which won't attend lan participate in cup (only known teams),but if they win the cup,reward will be given to the second best team in cup who want to attend the lan.

There will be 40/60 PCs all with 144hz monitors.Details about pc configuration will be updated.

Mouse Bug? Every individual player will be able to install any mouse fix that they wish on the PC and will be responsible on their own for their mouse settings and functionality fully.
The admins will be taking no responsibility for this and all players attending will have to count with this when setting up,
to be able to sort out everything they need in the given time to ready up when needed.

Suggestions closest to the venue in Zagreb.


Suggestions closest to the venue in Varazdin


Every apartman/hostel/hotel is really close to the venue so you can try here.

Thread will be edited as the date comes closer.

Thank you guys,cya in june!


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We are coming cu... LU incognito


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Looking for a serious team, can speak both Croatian and English. Got time to play and practice every day. Playing since 2007, played at top 10-30 at Clanbase back in the day, depending on a ladder; was at the democrew as well. Stopped playing at 2015 and came back recently.

Here are some of the latest CG mixes i have played: https://imgur.com/a/4cpvBLF

If anyone is interested, hit me up at private message or discord tomi#0304


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Hysteria interested!!


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ciba scammer


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Lepi //

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kA5ap (:

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Zavodnik's from Poland are coming...

Some info about payment?


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Need to ask my teammates first, ill let you know next week!