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Any old vCoD vets still playing?

Any old vCoD vets still playing?

Thread started by sh4de on Friday, 5:34pm December 27th with 4 replies. Views: 143


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5:34pm Dec 27th 19

As title says.

Been away from gaming a long while!

Seeing if any of the vets still playing.

Hit me up!


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11:55am Dec 29th 19

Today is first time signed in 2-3 years and the sites dead


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7:57am Jan 1st 20

As said in another thread most hangout in discord networks


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10:20pm Jan 14th 20

Rip. Couldn't remember my old log in. Been so long since iv been on


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1:53pm Jan 16th 20

yeh still around, also forgot my old login deets haha