Winter pay2play cup - start on...

Winter pay2play cup - start on December

Winter pay2play cup - start on December

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I am happy to announce that We will host pay2play cup during this winter.
We need atleast 16 teams to make this happen. And ofc, more teams = more fun.

First week of December.

Depends on number of registered teams. Approx end of March.

Entry + Registration
50€ per team (1300 CZK) - paid through transparent account.
Account number: 2801714969/2010

*Type your team's name in the note.

You can check registered teams and also if your payment went through:

*If we are not able to find 16 teams, all payments will be returned within a week.

Also send an email here: [email protected]
Your application should look like:
Team name:
Lineup with guids: maximum 5+2 players
URL to Facebook profiles, which I will add to private Facebook tournament page.

The deadline for registration is 1.12.2019

The whole amount of entry fees will be paid.
1st - 70%
2nd - 20%
3rd - 10%

After registration we will add teams into a private Facebook page, where games will be arranged and discussed.
Toornament is the app for results.

Depends on number of registred teams.
But as an admin I will make sure, that all teams will play enough games for the prize they pay.
Seeding will be done based on previous lan results.

Anticheat protection:
In the Facebook group there will be discussion under every match and 2 days prior your game, every team can ask for an admin to watch over their game.
You can ask for 3 things:
1) only an admin spectator
2) cg ac anticheat for 1 or more players
3) Admin will start game via TeamViewer for 1 or more players

Admin crew:
We are looking for players, who are able to oversee games if needed. As I have mentioned in "anticheat protection".
Please send Your application here: [email protected]

We want to stream as many matches as possible, that is why we are looking for some streamers and shoutcasters.
Streamers please send Your Facebook URL profile here: [email protected]
And I will add you into he private Tournament page.

Teams 12/12:
R.O.BOTS (blasty, rampZojd, DudlajS, cAAsr, Toxic)
Ephix (vioqor, danne, iconz, ravezor, hatton)
BLOODTHIRSTERS (fleshx, freakz, dav, kebit, nick)
feelthepower (phaenom, gotys, bnz, trollhunter, insanezy)
eyeshow (eulb, Bl4diii, Nedlog, raptr, gObl)
CSIJ (pwnr, plaxz, nbjuuu, rilzje, franken, basza, tiggler)
ONLINEGAMERS (kokZ, rysker, dymatize, Network, Vity)
guccy gang (fajt, straty, rysker, surface, hurvajz)
KOMPLEKSiii (CiiBaa,NALUUMp,1950,zipp,rizo)
ARMIA (kemahVAC, lacky, mavoR, LawL1et, SPIKEWHO, pha1l)
wonderkidz (m4uz, intrax, Monk, svaba, BIG)
critical (F1co, rpz, dkqy, snkr, antalas)


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Great! Will play for sure.


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Teams updated
lets go!


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eyeshow paid


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ok3j lets play


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@blastyy i can stream if you wanna