Winter pay2play cup - start on...

Winter pay2play cup - start on December

Winter pay2play cup - start on December

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I am happy to announce that We will host pay2play cup during this winter.
We need atleast 16 teams to make this happen. And ofc, more teams = more fun.

First week of December.

Depends on number of registered teams. Approx end of March.

Entry + Registration
50€ per team (1300 CZK) - paid through transparent account.
Account number: 2801714969/2010

*Type your team's name in the note.

You can check registered teams and also if your payment went through:

*If we are not able to find 16 teams, all payments will be returned within a week.

Also send an email here: [email protected]
Your application should look like:
Team name:
Lineup with guids: maximum 5+2 players
URL to Facebook profiles, which I will add to private Facebook tournament page.

The deadline for registration is 1.12.2019

The whole amount of entry fees will be paid.
1st - 70%
2nd - 20%
3rd - 10%

After registration we will add teams into a private Facebook page, where games will be arranged and discussed.
Toornament is the app for results.

Depends on number of registred teams.
But as an admin I will make sure, that all teams will play enough games for the prize they pay.
Seeding will be done based on previous lan results.

Anticheat protection:
In the Facebook group there will be discussion under every match and 2 days prior your game, every team can ask for an admin to watch over their game.
You can ask for 3 things:
1) only an admin spectator
2) cg ac anticheat for 1 or more players
3) Admin will start game via TeamViewer for 1 or more players

Admin crew:
We are looking for players, who are able to oversee games if needed. As I have mentioned in "anticheat protection".
Please send Your application here: [email protected]

We want to stream as many matches as possible, that is why we are looking for some streamers and shoutcasters.
Streamers please send Your Facebook URL profile here: [email protected]
And I will add you into he private Tournament page.

R.O.BOTS (blasty, rampZojd, DudlajS, cAAsr, Toxic)


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2:35pm Nov 2nd 19

Great! Will play for sure.


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2:54pm Nov 2nd 19

Nice , good job.. LFT