Thanks from TLS(R)!

Thanks from TLS(R)!

Thanks from TLS(R)!

Thread started by d3do on Wednesday, 5:06pm October 30th with 5 replies. Views: 452


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5:06pm Oct 30th 19 and edited 5:27pm Oct 30th 19

Hi everyone, just wanted to write a note to thank everyone for yet another amazing TLS event that took place last week.

TLS Resurrection was the 6th instalment of our series and has served its purpose, as it seems, because CoD2 has been resurrected, as there is serious talk of new online and offline events (by other organisations than TLS) coming up in the following months. Apart from that, we had lots of fun again, which is the main thing.

Special thanks to myss, irreeL, Dutchboy, compactaj, network, Dudlajs (made 60 burgers at home for everyone to eat on day 1!), and the local guys, who have all been very helpful in running the tournament and the stream for all 3 days. Also very much to all the players and teams attending and everyone supporting it from home and watching the stream. Also, thanks Rico for the photos and your dedication!

Prizemoney has already been paid out, Brammerton's donation is in the process of being sent.

It is a total miracle that a 15-year-old game still has a community so strong to be able to do large international lans at this level, it never ceases to amaze me. Mostly, though, it was fantastic to get the big family together once again and spend some quality time with true friends from all over Europe, which we have collectively acquired over the years. That's the main reason why I did another lan, all the work that was put into it was definitely worth it.

Ladies & gentlemen, the CoD2 family:

CoD2 & TLS forever!

Big <3 and stay awesome..


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7:15pm Oct 30th 19 - in reply to d3do's post

NICE NICE NICE nice weekend big thanks dedo and i hope we see us all soon
grease raptr


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8:44pm Oct 30th 19

Big shoutout to Dedo and i hope this community wont die and cya soon on another TLS


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12:39pm Oct 31st 19

Well done d3do. Already looking forward to another one.

Ps. Those sandwiches were so tasty


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12:58am Nov 2nd 19

it's nice to see that the players are still there.


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10:45pm Nov 4th 19