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Call of Duty 1 [LAN] in Hungary; Teams: 9/18 [7-8 December, 2019; Budapest]

Call of Duty 1 [LAN] in Hungary; Teams: 9/18 [7-8 December, 2019; Budapest]

Thread started by AGAZZ1 on Monday, 12:15pm October 21st with 2 replies. Views: 824


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12:15pm Oct 21st 19 and edited 1:40pm Oct 24th 19


We are pleased to announce that a Call of Duty 1 LAN will be organized in Budapest, Hungary. – registration is open!

7-8 December, 2019

Infinity Esport Bar - Német utca 2. , 1084 Budapest , Hungary

Entry fee:
40.000.-HUF (~121 EUR)

Teams [10/18]:

[HUN] INFINITY - NewZoo, Kluge, Tankelit, SWRZ, GeroGhost, Alex
[HUN] whtVr - Conste, abRa, skrz, pRiSON:>, lowzoR
[CZ] Power of Retro - MAXX, AmbiiiiK, Piko, maRnasek, Ares
[HUN] LAMAWORLD - wuki, S, alien, Syntax, Kyleka
[HUN] punk52 - asthma, meta, boceY, Showtime, HaM[!]
[HUN] no idea - toty1ka, AGAZZ1, jimmYYY, krippie
[CZ] HiGHFiVE - Mamboh, Radza, BaLiK
[HUN] SUPERKIDS - bEnju_, Sp1R1T
[HUN] PIMP - choke, raptor, wega, phoenix
[PL] GotOwned - Kuba, qT, Nervvvv, ASSE, bRANNEY, gdmk

Half of the entry fees will be used for the prize pool.
Distribution TBA

Brecourt, Carentan, Depot, Dawnville, Harbor, Neuville, Powcamp, Railyard, Tigertown
Veto system will be used to decide the maps.
We will use Toornament to transact the event.

PC Configs:
- 20 x I5, 8GB, GTX 1070
- 10 x I5, 8GB, GTX 970
- 30 x I5, 8GB, R7870
All 60 monitors are 144Hz, 1ms Gaming Monitors!
Installed operating system: Windows 10 Home HUN/ENG
Please note that we'll only use 30 of these for now, but this might be changed in the future. As you can see, we have bandwidth to use more PCs if needed.

More info will be added.


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12:19pm Oct 21st 19

If you have any questions, comment here and I'll try to help you.
FYI, I'm not the organizer, I'm just helping him and that's why I created this thread.


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10:11am Nov 27th 19

See you there ... :-)