[CUP]COD4 Promod Community CUP...

[CUP]COD4 Promod Community CUP #1

[CUP]COD4 Promod Community CUP #1

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8:55am May 4th 19

Hello everyone! We've the pleasure to announce that we'll be hosting a CUP on Toornament, it means that we won't have any anti-cheat, but only Demo reviews if needed and ONLY with timestamps given. Some differences on this cup are: Each player has to register his email and his Discord profile link to be able to join. As mention above, we won't have any AC so, if you are suspicious about someone, you have to give us the requested demo timestamped. The tournament date is on the 4th on 7 pm CEST time. Hope to see all of you guys into the cup :-) https://www.toornament.com/tournaments/2469764023562059776/information

It's repost from CoD4 Discord Community @ZYNGA
discord https://discord.gg/zzTDaCM