[LAN] - TLS Resurrection by Sk...

[LAN] - TLS Resurrection by SkillZone - 25.-27.10.2019 - Prague

[LAN] - TLS Resurrection by SkillZone - 25.-27.10.2019 - Prague

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Well, well, well, howdy there again!
As TLSF was a huge success, it was great fun and even very smooth for me to organize, without any hassle or drama around it, why not continue, as CoD2 is definitely still very much alive! What is dead, cannot die, as they say. Many of you have also contacted me during and after TLSF to inquire about a next lan, interest seems to be high, so here you go. We have decided to announce it early this time, to keep the game more alive until the lan, hype, and plan well ahead. So, without further ado, I present to you the 6th installment of The Last Stand CoD2 lan series, TLSR by SkillZone.

Friday 25.10.2019 (9:00)
Sunday 27.10.2019
*yes, it's a three-day lan with a morning start on Friday
FB event: https://www.facebook.com/events/330343017610413/

SkillZone Studios - Jankovcova 18a, Prague, Czech Republic

d3do - head admin
facilos - tournament & stream
miss - tournament & tech admin
Dutchboy - tournament admin
Irreel - tournament admin
Vale - tournament admin
Ugu & local crew - IT support

300€ per team - payments open - deadline 1.10.2019 - only full payments (write team name and lineup in comment)
*through Paypal only to [email protected] - country Czech Republic, if Paypal asks (make sure to PAY IN EUROS and CHOOSE SEND MONEY TO FRIEND - not payment for goods or services - and make sure to pay the transaction fees - incomplete payments will not be accepted)
Paid teams get access to the TLS Invite Discord channel. Used for lan info, training wars, pre-lan cups, and exclusive content. Request access, once you have registered for the lan.

24 or 18 minimum, nothing in-between, less, or more (event will be cancelled and everyone refunded, if we don't reach a minimum of 18 teams at the payment deadline)

Paid Teams [3/24]
Team iNFINITE (bmb, d3do, Fuckic, hEFEST, jape)
TILTED (devzr, irreeL, iconz, yzRz, pussY)
Wonderful5 (Skillz, Sp1rit, Stormy, Qkesz, Norby)

Expected Teams [19]
Headless Chickens
dirty Potatoes

24 teams: 1st 3000€ 2nd 700€ 3rd 400€
18 teams: 1st 1500€ 2nd 500€ 3rd 300€
*venue is looking for sponsors to add to the prize value.
*prize money will be paid out through Paypal within 1 week after the event.

Three or four groups of 6, so 5 games per group for everyone. Group draw live online 3 weeks prior to the lan. Seeding will be done based on previous TLS results.
Groups BO1, playoffs BO3 single elimination all the way. Sixteen teams will make it into the playoffs, playoff seeding to be done by group placement.
Maps: Burgundy, Carentan, Dawnville, Matmata, Toujane - dedicated maps in group rounds (5 rounds, different default map for each round - 1. Burgundy 2. Carentan 3. Dawnville 4. Matmata 5. Toujane) - playoff maps to be decided by pistol bash with a system of pick-pick-kick-kick - Mod: zPAM v3.0 - Toornament is the app for results. Join Discord to look for practice wars, message elwzoy#5333 to get added.

Rules, Scores, & Other Info?
Link to be added.

Yes, to be specified.

30 PCs, Win 10 i7, GTX 580, 8gb ram i5, GTX 950, 8gb - 144hz monitors

Mouse Bug?
Every individual player will be able to install any mouse fix that they wish on the PC and will be responsible on their own for their mouse settings and functionality fully. The admins will be taking no responsibility for this and all players attending will have to count with this when setting up, to be able to sort out everything they need in the given time to ready up when needed.

Suggestions of nearby accommodation:
Plus Prague Hostel - https://www.prague.eu/en/object/accommodation/1429/plus-prague-hostel
Hostel Seven - https://www.hostelseven.cz/
Plaza Hotel - http://www.plazahotel.cz/
Leon Hotel & Hostel - http://www.leonhotel.eu/
Hotel Extol Inn - https://www.extolinn.cz/
Sir Toby's Hostel - https://www.sirtobys.com/

*event is subject to change (including tournament format, prize money, and all other aspects of it) and cancellation at all times until one week prior to the scheduled date - all registration money will be refunded through Paypal in case of cancellation
*no public requests, suggestions, and polls will be taken into consideration, the announced format is final in its full entirety - can only be changed by the organisers

Please, post your team interest below and get in touch if you can help us in any way (admin crew, shoutcasting, pre-tourney work). If interested in attending, please send your payment as soon as possible to motivate others. The more payments we get early, the more teams will attend at the end.

Spread the word, TLS forever!


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WP GG d3do, NEWERA coming (k1rba, nodyxz, NALUUMp, 1950, mozart)
cu there!


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1:38pm Mar 1st 19


Dutchboy, wAde , Richard, FurbyX and our brand new 5th MASON <3

Cu there.


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1:55pm Mar 1st 19




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2:08pm Mar 1st 19

Wonderful5 ofc!

Sp1rRiT, Norby, Qkesz, Sk1lzZ, Stormy


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2:30pm Mar 1st 19

HYPNOTIZE are comming.

ka ka

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2:31pm Mar 1st 19


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2:32pm Mar 1st 19

Check out the hype video bwahahahaha


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3:08pm Mar 1st 19

Hey d3do!

BLOODTHIRSTERS coming as well.

Lu: dav, fleshx, nick, freakz, kebit


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3:11pm Mar 1st 19

Count hypnotize in! Let's go


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4:16pm Mar 1st 19

Yessssss boyssss. Dedo your the man but I got a little request can we get a bigger beer menu lined up. The money we paid for the 144hz monitors we can play on 60hz and use the money for a bigger fridge with a selection of beers hehe cya thereeee ????


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4:21pm Mar 1st 19

Tilted coming aswell again, lineup unchanged!


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5:19pm Mar 1st 19

Coming with one team for sure


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6:39pm Mar 1st 19


Player who wanted lan and now hasn’t paid is CiiBaa,retarded kid.


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7:17pm Mar 1st 19

Cu there again ladies <3