[LAN] - Karez - 17-19.5.2019 -...

[LAN] - Karez - 17-19.5.2019 - Czech republic

[LAN] - Karez - 17-19.5.2019 - Czech republic

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9:14am Feb 11th 19

Hi guys,

we are organising 2 times a year LAN tournament in very old game Vietcong in Sokolovna Karez near Prague.
Because I like COD2 too I wanted to create the same tournament for COD players too.

17.5.2019 around 18:00

19.5.2019 around 15:00

link for event https://www.facebook.com/events/378809032682092/

Sokolovna Karez - Karez 100, 338 08 ZBIROH
Tournament is located in gym which is connected with bar/restaurant.

It is 33km from Plzen (Pilsen) and 59km from Prague

It is BYOC Lan (bring your own computer) so it is neceseary to bring your own computer + monitor and etc. Network Lan will be prepared on place so, you will just plug PC and play.

4000 CZK per team or 160 EUR per team.

Minumum 6 teams
Maximum 8 teams
Event will be cancelled and everyone refunded, if we don't reach a minimum of 6 teams.
Registered teams (paid) :
Thxovci - compactaj, invez, lopflop, mani, croo, kilca, dwx
ROBOTS - blasty, ziq, hurvajz, rampzojd, toxic
Ganjastyle - rizijev, HITMEN, steny, TBA, TBA
Fajt team - fajt, TBA, TBA, TBA, TBA

7000CZK - 270 EUR
5000CZK - 195 EUR
2000CZK - 75 EUR
in case of 6 teams in case of 8 will be higher.

is in in gym. There are mattresses and plenty of space where to sleep. Also toilets and showers are in areal for use.

Breakfast is included in entry!

Side activities
Small football tournament : there is small football playground and it is possible to make tournament for small prizes in 5v5 football game

Poker tournament : after official LAN phase it is possible to play poker tournament

DUO Ping pong Tournament

2v2 COD2 Fun-map tournament : also for small prizes

Drinking :) - gym is connected with good czech restaurant with more than friendly prizes


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9:30am Feb 11th 19

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9:43am Feb 11th 19

not so far for @Bl4diii and co.


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4:11pm Feb 11th 19