Cod2 demo commands

Cod2 demo commands

Cod2 demo commands

Thread started by Albaard on Thursday, 5:45pm December 13th. Views: 300


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5:45pm Dec 13th 18

Hi everyone,

Can someone help with some useful commands for watching demos after a match?
Something like a developer mode and a command which makes u see playermodels through walls (so u can see if someone has hacks).


pinky shepherd

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11:08am Jan 2nd 19

1)/devmap mp_toujane
3)/developer 1
4)/demo demo_name
5)/timsescale 0.001 (slowest)
6)/timsescale 1 (normal)
7)/timsescale 1000 (fastest)
8)/r_xdebug 0 (normal)
9)/r_xdebug 1 (boxes)
10)/r_xdebug 2 (lines)

These are the basic commands, if you want to know advanced (such as: light, close-up, 3rd person view ...) pm me