[LAN] TLS Final - Prague - Pla...

[LAN] TLS Final - Prague - Players Looking For Team Official Topic -

[LAN] TLS Final - Prague - Players Looking For Team Official Topic -

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9:31am Dec 1st 18

Hi everyone.

Since everyone is spamming the regular topic i have decided with @d3do to create a seperate topic for players who are looking for a team to compete in the upcomming The Last Stand: Finale .

Just simply reply here so i can add you to the list. Also teams are able to reply here if they are looking for players. Maby also an idea to provide information how they can get in touch with you(PMs , Steam, Evolve etc.)

Good luck to every player finding a team and see you guys in Prague! :D


CiiBaa - https://eu.cybergamer.com/profile/263213/CiiBaa/
Snkr - https://eu.cybergamer.com/profile/281442/snkr/
SasQuatch* - https://eu.cybergamer.com/profile/301790/SasQuatch/
Infy - https://eu.cybergamer.com/profile/231975/infyy/
dOLBY - https://eu.cybergamer.com/profile/261489/dOLBY/
Myss - https://eu.cybergamer.com/profile/209477/myss/
johansen - https://eu.cybergamer.com/profile/300169/johansen/
palinho - https://eu.cybergamer.com/profile/277398/palinho/

Czech Republic
Dady1337 - https://eu.cybergamer.com/profile/262866/Dady1337/
thomaZek - https://eu.cybergamer.com/profile/276708/thomaZek/


HUNTER1337 - https://eu.cybergamer.com/profile/297445/HUNTER1337/
Crusty - https://eu.cybergamer.com/profile/370739/custy/

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TheOmniscient - https://eu.cybergamer.com/profile/268137/The-Omniscient/
yoloKa - https://eu.cybergamer.com/profile/293419/yoloKa/

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Nanka - https://eu.cybergamer.com/profile/229055/Nanka/

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Trustiness - https://eu.cybergamer.com/profile/387011/trustiness/
sterz1 - https://eu.cybergamer.com/profile/270282/sterz1/
stormek - https://eu.cybergamer.com/profile/306801/stormek/