Cracking call of duty 2 server

Cracking call of duty 2 server

Cracking call of duty 2 server

Thread started by BLEACHye on Thursday, 8:10pm November 22nd with 3 replies. Views: 351


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8:10pm Nov 22nd 18


Can someone explain me how to crack CoD2 server ? As far as i know i have to swictch cod2_lnxed from my server with cracked one. I did it (im not sure if cracked cod2_lnxed i found is legit) but when i try to restart server to check if it's cracked it freezes. To make it work again i have to reinstall server but again when i do it it's original ;/ I had this problem again and bandiii92 told me that i cant reset server because map rotation is fucked up. Can anyone help me with cracking this s**t or at least with map rotation problem ? Hosting is - yup, polish server and they do not crack servers, they said i have to do it on my own ;/

Thanks in advance for any help


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10:07pm Nov 23rd 18

Just press the button, simple


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5:16pm Dec 8th 18

what is this hosting @jansenzn


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5:21pm Mar 11th 19

Its very easy to crack Your own server.
If You want instructions - just text me.