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[LAN] - TLS Finale - 22.-24.2.2019 - Prague

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Thread started by d3do on Friday, 4:32pm November 16th with 330 replies. Views: 64,065


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7:16pm Nov 18th 18 - in reply to Dutchboy's post

cu there maaaaaaan

gigi hadid

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11:43pm Nov 18th 18

Reserve a spot for Against All Authority,

Payment to be sent tomorrow afternoon due to me being on a trip, appreciate it


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7:10am Nov 19th 18

Sure thing, place reserved as soon as you make they payment. Let me know which country you are from and what your lineup is, please. Thanks!


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2:00pm Nov 19th 18

GJ DEDO see you there..COD2<3


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2:40pm Nov 19th 18 - in reply to pussyfothermuckers's post

Hello d3do!

Put the old WiLD (we will come under diff name just we are not sure yet which one we are gonna use) to the expected teams.

Line up will be:

Dav, Fleshx, nick , freakZ , kebit

Thank you!


Quote from pussyfothermuckers on the 18th of November 2018
Easiest team to beat :D

Quote from kebit on the 17th of November 2018
HAHAHHA, will you come this time again pussy with your old teammates ? We will show you how to camp in DW axis side <3


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6:38pm Nov 19th 18



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8:27am Nov 20th 18

dirty Potatoes (marty, kaya, efuck, elwzoy, moneymaker) paid!


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3:21pm Nov 20th 18

Depending on logistics and how the interest plays out, HOOLIGANS are keen. Czech is not exactly the easiest for UK people so we'll see!


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3:27pm Nov 20th 18

Richard, on the contrary, cheapest flights from the UK are to Prague. Big stag party destination for the English, lots of low-cost connections daily.


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5:00pm Nov 20th 18

Too bad i play football and cant find time to come and play.. Bravo @d3do svaka cast sta jos imas volje za organizirat ovako nesto, nema ljepse stvari nego doc na lan i igrati se malo. Veliki pozdrav tebra!


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9:52pm Nov 20th 18

Yes he is, Modric 2.0.

Lovro brate, vidimo se nadam se drugom prilikom!


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6:19pm Nov 21st 18

me and @nixban looking for team


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10:50pm Nov 21st 18

owex expected to come =)