[LAN] - TLS Finale - 22.-24.2....

[LAN] - TLS Finale - 22.-24.2.2019 - Prague

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12:59pm Jan 21st 19

t1ssuezzz (THE-K, DudlajS, vity, ATHR, dymatize) paid!

We need 5 more.


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1:01pm Jan 21st 19

Created FB event, please join and share: https://www.facebook.com/events/337957626804228/


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8:31pm Jan 22nd 19

snails (blasty, rampzojd, fajt, rysker, ziqer) paid!

4 more.


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4:22pm Jan 24th 19

A reminder that there is only a week left until the payment deadline. If the community wants this to happen, it is time to act quickly now a get teams to pay right away. There will be no other opportunities.


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7:20pm Jan 24th 19

I hope we will get there, would be nice! But with the rate of 2 teams paying per week, we aint gonna make it :/


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7:41pm Jan 24th 19

That rate usually increases in the last days before the deadline.


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9:00am Jan 26th 19

Need 4 more teams cmon guys! Armia? Gonewild? Unex? Obscure?


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10:45am Jan 26th 19

Expected Teams [18] ...????

I guess, teams are not coming reason: 60hz monitor..


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11:13am Jan 26th 19

Retarded that it comes down to the last 5 days in order to know if it is on or not...especially with all the so called "for sure we attend" and "interested" teams out there. Whether the lan goes ahead or not, I think this shows cod2 has finally died...


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11:37am Jan 26th 19

Obscure paid


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4:47pm Jan 26th 19

We need three more. gonewild, grs, anyone else?


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11:24am Jan 27th 19

Guys come on!!


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6:22pm Jan 27th 19

OBSCURE (blavex, crstN, disel278, pawadox, danka) confirmed. Three to go.


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7:55pm Jan 27th 19

So, assuming that the gonewild side is teaming up with solid at his already paid spot. I start to wonder how we are gonna get another three teams this week in order to proceed..


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8:07pm Jan 27th 19 - in reply to CiiBaa's post

Team who wanted lan and now won't come is gonewild,retarded kids.

Quote from CiiBaa on the 3rd of January 2019