Tex/SHKR's house in flames

Tex/SHKR's house in flames

Tex/SHKR's house in flames

Thread started by zorboT on Tuesday, 2:55pm October 9th with 5 replies. Views: 1,171


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2:55pm Oct 9th 18 and edited 6:36am Oct 10th 18

Hey guys,

It's zorboT, just wanting to let you guys know about an unfortunate event where a friend of mine by the name of Tex/SHKR has recently lost his house due to a fire.
Here is his gofundme page: https://www.gofundme.com/texshkr-housefire-fundraising
Please contribute to Tex's cause, every little bit helps. If you are unable but know of others who might be able to help please share this link with them.

Below is a clip from Channel 7 News

Here are his social links

Thank you so much for your support, it really makes a difference.

- zorboT


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2:59pm Oct 9th 18

that really sucks man, hopefully he can make something out of this tragic situation
can't believe something like this happens to such a nice guy :(
i hope he is able to rebuild what he's lost, my thoughts go out to him


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5:00am Oct 10th 18 and edited 7:18am Oct 10th 18

Solid guy, good for a laugh. We worked together and made the days a lot quicker and easier.
Please donate guys and spread the word.


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6:25am Oct 10th 18

That's sucks good guy, will donate for sure. hope he'll bounce back soon!


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8:24am Oct 10th 18

@Turbo- Your brother is in need of help, donate to him durian


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6:31pm Oct 10th 18

Devastating news, couldn't imagine going through that.