COD4 is Still active?

COD4 is Still active?

COD4 is Still active?

Thread started by DWDoN on Tuesday, 8:09pm September 18th with 3 replies. Views: 577


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8:09pm Sep 18th 18

I think its active like old days.. i have seen a lot of Sri lankans still play COD4 alongside with many players from many countries.. I my self is still an Admin (100) of a most active v1.0 server called DWarea.. and still play like 20 vs 20 players S&D. and all other TDMs are almost full..

if u wanna watch some videos i have done of my gameplay feel free to visit my youtube :

and our Discord channel :


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1:05pm Sep 21st 18

recently there was cod 4 lan
1st place decksdog
2nd place vador retard 120%
3rd place gg good game (c) m1cha
look ot highlights


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1:21pm Oct 9th 18

huh when was this lan xD?

Are there any other lans coming up still? ever?


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2:53pm Oct 30th 18

How is this game still active?