CG Studio Update

CG Studio Update

CG Studio Update

Thread started by Asterix on Monday, 7:18am September 3rd. Views: 1,685


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7:18am Sep 3rd 18

Hello everyone, just a quick update to let everyone know that we're moving out of our Adelaide Studio next week. We'll be returning to hosting our events at hired venues, CGPL Spring and Champs will likely be held at the Adelaide Convention Centre (TBC) seeing as all our gear is still here. Next year we may return to hosting events in Melbourne or Sydney.

Thanks to everyone who has helped out or been to the studio over the last 18 months, in particular: Steve, Judge, Enigma, Badger, Kat, Turtl, Deadline, Rubee, Linx, Brennan, Knightfall, Tibore and CyanideJr! Sorry to anyone i've forgotten...



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9:47am Sep 3rd 18

Adelaide open LAN's are legitimately dead.